Summer is here! Are you following all the regulations to open?

All swimming pool regulations were managed mainly by state and local regulators (often times by local health departments), until 2007. In 2007, the federal government enacted the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act to require swimming pools to place a drain cover that prevents drowning from victims getting entrapped in the suction coming from drains of pools and spas.

Since that time, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has created a model aquatic health code it wants ALL pools across the country to follow.  We are not aware of any cities, counties or states that have adopted the model.  However, we submit that the model, at some point, will become the standard for swimming pool regulations.

OSHA and other government agencies that govern employment laws, also regulate aquatic facilities. Examples are the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and the Department of Labor.  In addition, certifying agencies (like Lifeguard University) also set standards for the certification of lifeguards.  We cannot possibly address every regulatory body and regulation that each pool may be governed by.  In many cases they vary from location to location.  For example, OSHA does not cover workers employed by state and local governments.