Instructor Trainer Requirements


Lifeguard University Instructor Trainer Information

From time to time, Lifeguard University will evaluate its need to develop new Instructor Trainers. Developing high quality instructors is very important and Lifeguard University will decide who becomes an Instructor Trainer. It is not something where a lifeguard instructor can just take a class. When Lifeguard University does chose to train additional Instructor Trainers, the minimum requirements looked at are below:

Minimum Requirements to Become an Instructor Trainer:

  • Be in good standing with a current Lifeguard University Instructor certification.
  • Taught AT LEAST 20 lifeguard training or lifeguard training review courses using Lifeguard University curriculum.

Selection Process:

Lifeguard University will approach prospective Instructor Trainer candidates based on a need in a geographical area. Once completed, the candidates are interviewed with Instructor Trainer candidates selected for the mentoring process.

Training Program:

  • Co-Teach at least one Lifeguard University Instructor course where they teach AT LEAST 50% of the curriculum under the supervision of instructor trainer already certified.
  • Teach, in its entirety, one University Instructor course under the supervision of instructor trainer already certified
  • After teaching the two instructor courses, be endorsed by the instructor trainer who observed the instructor course taught.

To maintain the Lifeguard University Instructor Trainer Certification:

  • Teach at least one lifeguard instructor course in a 24 month period.
  • Complete an online assessment every 24 months


There is no reciprocity for Instructor Trainers. Lifeguard University will select its own Instructor Trainers.